Kaali Origins

Kaali Origins

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  • Author Hasan Mithiborwala
  • Artist Ujval Purabiya
  • Letters Kishan Harchandani
  • Format Paperback
  • Publisher MindRune Comics
  • Language English

Product Description

In 3rd phase of the cycle of fate; the Dvapara Yuga, various kingdoms ancient India hunt down a powerful Maying tribe to it’s last living soul to extinguish them forever. The Maying tribe worship the moon. Their practice of black magic is their way of life. Being deformed and socially uncivilized and rogue sorcery encouraged powerful righteous kings to eradicate them like a disease.

However, the last remaining Maying tribe along with their King grab an opportunity for their survival as they invade a peaceful kingdom of knowledge and beauty and unleash destruction upon it. Driven to sheer arrogance and madness the wheel of Karma churns when the Maying King meets Suryavanshi Bhrigu Rishi and his small clan of spiritual fighters who demand tolerance and justice.

Amidst the violent conflict arises a child, the Maying King’s son KAALI who struggles internally to find his true purpose as his mother urges him to keep his powers, a secret. An emotional, spiritual and action filled journey of how KAALI chooses his destiny and rises to embrace it. Will KAALI subdue his dark powers or will he embrace them as the 4th cycle of fate draws closer?

Find out on this epic journey of KAALI’s origin which is the 1st in the series and part of a bigger Superhero universe that spans across time and space.

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