Batman Vol. 2 I Am Suicide (Rebirth)

Batman Vol. 2 I Am Suicide (Rebirth)

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Item specifics

  • Author Tom King
  • Artist Mikel Janin
  • Format Paperback
  • Publisher DC Comics
  • Language English

Product Description

Bestselling writer Tom King continues his epic run on the Dark Knight! Still reeling from a cataclysmic battle, Batman finds himself up against some of the biggest (literally) threats he's ever faced within the city limits of Gotham. To save the city he loves, Batman enlists the help of the toughest members of the Bat-family including Nightwing, Batwoman and more!

But that's not where his enlistement ends. The Dark Knight must journey deep into the bowels of Santa Prisca prison—the place that birthed his most lethal foe, Bane. In order to get there, the Bat must align himself with some of his most questionable allies and foes... including Catwoman.

Breakout writer and former CIA analyst, Tom King (Grayson, The Sheriff of Babylon) is paired with artists Riley Rossmo and Mikel janin in this knock-down, drag-out superhero story! Collects Batman #9-15.

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